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RW is focused in providing clean energy.

RW has served the San Francisco Bay Area since 1980.




RW offers a variety of solar panels and will provide you with the one that fits your needs. We feel pride in our outstanding customer satisfaction and cannot wait to help you save money on your energy bill. We stand behind the warranties that we provide for our reliable solar power solutions.


MSP (Main Service Panel)

Many modern buildings will already have a sufficient electric panel to accommodate a solar installation, but there are many older building that won't. A detailed inspection of your property by a licensed RW electrician will let you know if your present system is fully ready to integrate with solar power.



Thanks to the advancements of monitoring technology, with companies like Enphase, we’re able to bring you more than solar with their envoy monitoring system. . We are now able to establish around the clock monitoring by connecting your home directly to the solar system.


About Us

With our four decade long history in the home improvement industry we have served millions of satisfied customers in the entire San Francisco Bay Area region. RW Solar and Electric provides lower cost solar and battery storage systems. Our customer service and solar energy expertise are second to none. We engage with our clients and recommend innovative methods of maximizing their investment while lowering their overall carbon footprint by up to 80%.


If you are tired of high electricity bills and looking for an efficient way to save your money, Go Solar with RW Solar and Electric. Here are some benefits you will avail yourself of by choosing RW Solar for Solar Panel installation in California.

Dedicated Service

We take pride in what we serve. RW Solar has professional technicians who carry out every task with fine precision and deliver extremely complacent results.  Our team is highly dedicated to their task and will provide you with the best solar panel installation service in California. Our technicians will listen to your power restoration and energy-saving requirements.

Reliable and Committed

RW Solar and electric is a name of reliable service that has served numerous households. We believe in completely transparent service and the deliverance of reliable products to make your investment worthwhile. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with our services to use high-quality products and expert technicians for solar panel installation.


From our residential customers to our commercial customers, we strive to provide industry leading customer service, premium solar products for every application, and an installation experience second-to-none. Don’t take our word for it. Go ahead and read what our customers are saying below!

Hummus Battery Backup System
Arnold Edwin
Google Review
Customer Review

I had RW Solar and Electric install a solar system on my home. They were very knowledgable of my questions. I'm very pleased with my experience and would highly recommend the company.

JD written
Jamie Dew
Google Review
Customer Review

We got the absolute best rates and it fit into our budget nicely. Everyone I have come in contact with during this process has been amazing and professional. They had my system up in a day, then the inspection done the day after. I have been kept in the loop every step of the way with constant updates. They have the best customer service I have ever come across. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for solar!

AD written
Amanda D
Yelp Review
Customer Review

We have contemplated solar for a while and decided to go with RW. They did our garage door (which is gorgeous by the way, highly recommend) and they have been so amazing. We ended up getting 4 quotes, RW being the best price. The install team was friendly and very organized. Everything went perfect with installation, and now we get excited every day to check our app to see how much we've produced Highly recommend, especially if you're like me and hate pushy salespeople.

TF written
Thomas F
Yelp Review
Customer Review

We've been looking to have solar installed for awhile but have been discouraged by the high-pressure sales tactics used by many solar companies. Our experience with RW Solar and Electric was excellent, they are very professional, from the salespeople to the installation team. They all communicated well with us and we didn't feel pressured into signing a contract like we have with other solar companies.

NB Written
Nick Brady
Yelp Review
Customer Review

RW is experienced and transparent and were never pushy. They are responsive, and friendly as well. Side note... another company we received a quote from who has a kiosk at a large warehouse store, were abrasive, pushy, and downright unprofessional. I do not regret retaining RW.


Saving money on PG&E Bills with Solar Panels:
Solar energy raise property values by lowering utility bills. At the point when your home has Solar Panels, energy from the sun will control your power, aside from when the sun is not present.
September 8, 2020
How to get a Solar tax credit in California
Solar incentives are available in your region of California, and it will save you a huge amount of money on your energy bills. Installing a solar panel system on your home will not just reduce your electricity bill but upgrade the value of your home.
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7 amazing solar energy facts you should know
Solar Energy is the light and heat from the sun, and it can convert its radiant energy into electricity by the efficient Solar Panels System. The Solar Panel System is composed of solar cells, a cell is a little circle of semiconductors like silicon.
September 8, 2020

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